Learn about Responsive Themes


WPResponsiveThemes.com is a quality responsive WordPress theme resource for new and experienced WordPress users, looking for their perfect WordPress theme.

Responsive WP themes are different than other themes released on the WP market.  Most themes can be navigated through any device (i.e. smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc), but do not resize to fit the screen, and with small screens, you’ll usually have to slide the screen to view the whole page.  Now there are plugins that will allow you to modify your theme for mobile but do not retain the same theme appearance.

What is a Responsive Theme?

A responsive theme adjusts to the growing market of smart devices that people use to interact with the web.  The “responsive layout” resizes to fit any device, from smartphones, tablets, large & small monitors, e-readers, mobile phones, games consoles, and netbooks.

Why is this good?

More people are accessing websites from a mobile device and with a responsive theme, you will deliver an optimized screen size layout that is based on whatever device (mobile, tablet…) the visitor uses.  Plus, it’s a lot easier to implement.  Just activate and customize your theme to your desire!  No special plugins to use for mobile versions of your site.