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Top 30+ Corporate Responsive WordPress Themes

May 15, 2013 |

In an economy that is rapidly progressing on the grounds of ecommerce, a business that lacks a website can soon hit dead bottom, suffocated by its web based competitors. So why give that a chance? Just start … Read More

Top 15 Abstract WordPress Themes

May 14, 2013 |

Looking to style your blog with abstract designs? Abstract designs give your blog a modern, fun and a vibrant look. Here are the top 15 themes that you can choose from-

Twenty thirteen

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Top 15 WordPress Themes for Authors

May 14, 2013 |

For authors to attract people who actually read their work, the blog needs to be clean focusing on the content rather than on the flashy fonts and backgrounds. Here are the top 15 WordPress themes for authors-


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Responsive Education WordPress Themes 2013

April 22, 2013 |

Every educational institute in present world must have a well crafted and maintained website to showcase its educational service and courses that it offers to students across the world. To reflect the mission and value of your institute, school or … Read More

Responsive Event WordPress Themes 2013

April 19, 2013 |

Do your run or organize events, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions on a regular basis? Then it is essential for you to make an online presence by launching a website. Before launching a website, it is important that website developers … Read More

Responsive Church WordPress Themes 2013

April 18, 2013 |

In the present modernized world, it has become important for the churches and other church associated organizations to own a website in order to spread their message online. There are huge numbers of WordPress theme that can cater the needs … Read More

Responsive e-Commerce WordPress Themes 2013

April 17, 2013 |

WordPress is one of the most flexible blogging platform often preferred by most of the web developers. In general, WordPress themes are used to build websites of different types such as online store or an e-commerce website.

WordPress even supports … Read More

Responsive Architecture WordPress Themes 2013

April 16, 2013 |

In present modern world, there are different ways to showcase business information or products over internet and reach the public to gain more clients in order to enhance their business. In case of any architecture business, it is essential for … Read More

Responsive Shopping WordPress Themes 2013

March 11, 2013 |

A picture can be a thousand words, all in just one go. It can be a single expression to all that you want to say and it can be a single reminiscence of a thousand memories. This is exactly why … Read More

Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes 2013

March 11, 2013 |

The internet helps connect people from any corner of the world and with the increase in mobile devices in use today internet usage on such devices is on the rise. Whichever kind of website you have, responsive themes are needed … Read More