Top 15 WordPress Themes for Authors

For authors to attract people who actually read their work, the blog needs to be clean focusing on the content rather than on the flashy fonts and backgrounds. Here are the top 15 WordPress themes for authors-


Structure - Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme is available in two contrasting colors- black and white. The company offers two versions, one which is free and the other which is the premium version consisting of various options which are not included in the free version. Structure lays emphasis on the content of the blog, making it great for authors who are focused in their work.


Typominimum -  Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme lets the writers showcase their content in an elegant and beautiful manner. Typominimum is a typography based theme which makes the content of the author the cynosure of its blog. It does not divert the reader’s mind with advertisements. It has a control panel which lets the blogger design his blog according to his preference. This theme is free and is created by Blogsessive.

The erudite

The Erudite - Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme is most suitable for writers who are serious about their work. The theme does not attract unwanted visitors through CPMs or click throughs. It is a simple theme which focuses more on the content posted rather than on styling and imagery. This is a free theme. It can be downloaded by clicking on the following link-


photologger - Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme is free and is styled like a magazine. It is a flexible and responsive theme with light, white colors. It has a fixed width layout and it allows the user to upload images to each post. It has a unique feature called custom header, with which an image can be put up as the header for the site. It also has twitter and Facebook integration.


Picks - Authors WordPress Theme


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A sleek and responsive theme packed with features, picks is suitable for bloggers interested in photography. Be it professionals or people uploading pictures on Instagram, picks is a theme suitable for everyone. It is easy to use.


Flexible - Authos WordPress Theme

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This theme is compatible with all browsers. It gives the user a lot of fonts and unlimited color schemes to choose from. The code used for the theme is very good which guarantees fast working of the website. It is styled in a modern way and has abundant features. Its responsive design displays the blog correctly even on mobile phones.


Aware - Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme is most popular amongst freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers. It is user friendly and it enhances the user’s favorite posts.  It has 5 custom widgets, 1 click shortcodes, and a top panel drawer. It is a clean and flexible theme which makes the readers focus on the posts of the author.

Me – one page portfolio theme

Me - Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme lets you add youtube and vimeo videos very easily. It has more than 70 fonts which let you style your blog according to your choice. It is compatible with all browsers and with WordPress3 and above.



Pocket - Authors WordPress Theme

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Named correctly, this theme works well on the devices that can be fitted into your pocket as well as you personal computer. It has been created by okay themes and is quite popular. It is responsive and scales down easily to your mobile phones and iPads. It has pretty typography and is compatible with twitter.


Groovy -  Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme has been created by MyThemeShop. This theme has an unlimited number of color combinations. It displays related posts below each post and requires no plug-in. It also has an author box below each post. Groovy has one cool feature which is different from most themes, and that is speech recognition for searching. It has light backgrounds which do not interfere with the content and a lot of options that enable the users to change appearances. Another amazing thing about this theme is that it is free!

Swift theme

Swift Basic - Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme is very popular and has been downloaded by half a million people. It is not very attractive but this helps the reader to pay attention to the content of the blog. One attractive feature of this theme is that it doesn’t slow down the website unlike other themes. It is free and works on all mobiles. It does not require extra plugins and has a built in ad management. It also contains all the usual WordPress features.


Sensitive - Authors WordPress Theme

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Sensitive is a very convenient and easy to use theme. It is creative and lets the user present his posts in a unique manner. This theme is perfect for businesses, portfolios, non-profit organizations. Sensitive is a magazine styled theme which lets you showcase you pictures in a beautiful way. This is a free theme but it has all the amazing features which are offered by expensive themes. Since it is easy, not much time will be needed to start your website.


Chun- Authors WordPress Theme

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This theme was recently created by Justin Tadlock and has become very popular among bloggers. It is a very clean and easy to use theme which supports all post formats. It lets the user customize his blog by using the theme customizer. Chun is most suitable for bloggers who blog about photography or if they use lots of images. The theme lets the reader focus on the author’s pictures instead of the theme. It gives a fresh look to the blog and does not clutter the website. Chun is compliant with HTML5 and CSS3.

Moustachey Theme

Moustachey - Authors WordPress Themes

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This theme is in sync with THE latest trend, the moustache. It is a very simple yet exquisitely beautiful theme which can be designed in any color. It supports all blog posts.

SmartSmart - Authors WordPress Themes

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This blog is perfect for authors. All that needs to be done is change the option from portfolio to books. It has a good aesthetic appeal and is even suitable for business purposes. Individual bloggers can customize it according to their tastes. It requires no plugins and no custom fields.