Top 15 Abstract WordPress Themes

Looking to style your blog with abstract designs? Abstract designs give your blog a modern, fun and a vibrant look. Here are the top 15 themes that you can choose from-

Twenty thirteen

Twenty Thirteen - Abstract WordPress Theme

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This theme uses rich and comforting colors which immediately make you feel welcomed. This theme has amazing features. To begin with it has a very responsive layout. It can be viewed either on your Smartphone, tablet or computer. It has exquisite typography which adds to the attractiveness of the blog. It features a different font type for headers and a different one for the main content. It allows you to add pictures, links, quotes, videos or any other post format.


Splendio - Abstract WordPress Theme

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This fun theme along with being stylish, offers you almost all the features enabling you to post your work professionally. It has two types of templates and featured header images. The header images have been set by default but they can be easily changed. Splendio has optional icons which let you link your post with your Facebook and twitter account as well.

Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to Dawn -  Abstract WordPress Theme

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This theme is a perfect blend of old style and modern design. It has elegant typography and is a very flexible and extremely simple theme to use. It lets you customize your posts with the designs of your choice according to the latest WordPress features. It has multiple layout options which enable you to set the sidebar either on the left or right, depending upon the user’s choice.

Elegant Grunge

Elegant Grunge - Abstract WordPress Themes

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This clean flexible and responsive theme was inspired by Its features include options for different layouts, different background and header options, a widget ready footer and an optional full width page template which allows you to remove the sidebar.

The new version, version 1.0.3 has the feature of automatic image framing and a photoblog template which weren’t included in the older version. This theme is absolutely free! 


Duotone -  Abstract WordPress Theme

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This absolutely brilliant theme has a truly unique and exclusive feature. Wondering what it is? The theme changes color according to the first image of every post to blend in with its surroundings. This feature has made duotone a success with photographers who blog. It also supports widgets.

Abstract flowers

Abstract Flowers - Abstract WordPress Themes

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This girly beautiful theme has been created by themepix. It is a free theme and has 2 columns. It has an option panel which features posts and thumbnail images. This theme is responsive and very easy to use. Great for use by bloggers who post about fashion and style. Its features include widgets and options to connect to Facebook and twitter.


Matala - Abstract WordPress Themes

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This is a very eye catching and brilliant theme. Very colorful, it supports 6 post formats and 2 widget areas. The theme lets you change the background, custom header and an optional random image via the customization option.  This theme has been created my Matt Mullenweg who is one of the world’s top 50 people on the web and is listed under business week’s most influential people on the web.

Notebook chaos

Notepad Chaos - Abstract WordPress Theme

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Probably my most favorite theme, Notebook lets you add a vibrant and personal touch to your blog. It has 2 columns and the heading have been written on post-its and illustrated with pins and clips. Users can easily add pictures to their blogs via the thumbnail option. Notebook was created by Evan Eckerd and is available for users without any restrictions. The only condition to using it is that it is not for sale or redistribution without permission from the creator and smashing magazine.

Kaleidoscope Abstract

Kaleidoscope - Abstract  WordPress Theme

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This colorful vibrant theme gives the option of switching from one style to the other, by choosing one style from the options page. It is a clean and simple theme which includes custom widgets. The theme has a 2 column layout with a left sidebar and fixed width.

Green Abstract

Green Abstract - Abstract WordPress Themes

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If you want to make your blog look trendy, install the clean and fresh looking theme. It has a very pretty abstract design which is very catchy. It has a left menu which can be dynamically set and one column layout. The green color adds an environment friendly touch to the blog and can be used by nonprofit organization or businesses looking to increase their social following.

Abstract Vector

Abstract vector -  Abstract WordPress Theme

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This theme is truly an explosion of color, shapes, creativity and boldness. A unique theme, it was created by themepix. It is a free WordPress theme which features abstract designs in yellow, blue and red. Appropriate for personal, internet and computer related blogs, the theme lets you displays ads, update pictures and share them with friends by connecting the post with you Facebook and twitter accounts.


Pro Abstract - Abstract WordPress Themes

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One of the best and most popular themes, Proabstract is a 2 column WordPress theme most suitable or fashion sites. Beautifully designed, the theme is very simple looking. The background is grey but what catches the eye is the header which has a combination of different colors complimenting each other perfectly.


coral - Abstract Word Press Themes

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This beautiful theme is absolutely loaded with features which helps you customize your page easily and according to your choice. It lets you imagine and be creative. The theme is available in 16 different skin colors, 9 different templates. It supports multi usage and has a sidebar widget included. It has optional features such as author’s info and recent posts which can be disabled. According to its user’s reviews, the theme is extremely easy to work with.

Orange and black

Orange and black - Abstract WordPress Themes

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Orange and black is a beautifully designed abstract theme for WordPress. As the name says, it has been crated entirely with the two colors black and orange. Its features include a 2 column layout with a left sided sidebar. It is ad-sense ready and widget ready. It shows recent comments by all the users. The theme has been created by chromatic and is popular because of its uniqueness, and responsive functioning.

The Hybrid WordPress theme is another good option, and comes with 15 custom page templates.